What Does «You Are Not My Personal Type» Mean?

Guys are often straightforward when they communicate. They do not usually try to be cryptic or talk «around» a topic. They are all company and logic, anytime they are not sleeping, these are typically most likely merely telling it like it is actually. Cannot look for many subtext between the outlines since there most likely isn’t.

If he states you’re not his kind but he’s still curious, go on it at par value. He most likely is attempting to say that he’s usually not drawn to major, brainy women, but there is simply anything about you that intrigues him.

If he is just thinking about intercourse, the guy likely wont discuss you aren’t their type, as that could operate against his video game. He’s going to either lay on the allure and also the outdated common outlines, or he’s going to point out that you two need to have together for many enjoyable sometime.

He’s going to say you’re «hot» versus suggesting you’re very. He’ll eyeball you up-and-down like a frozen dessert sundae, and he’ll move around in close-in an aggressive instead tender manner. You’re a woman, very make use of your intuition. You know exactly what he’s really interested in, a good way or perhaps the additional.